Video Productions

Below is a collection of my video productions that I have created both at Bemidji State University as well as outside of class time.

“Downward Spiral”

This is a project that was created as a small group project for my “Directing Visual Media” class at Bemidji State University. In this project each student was assigned to create an idea for a short video based on an issue targeted at college students. My idea was to focus on mental health and the impact it may have on students transitioning into the college environment as it hits so close to home for so many students.

“Don’t Be a Bystander”

This is a video that was produced by my “Single Camera Field Production” class at Bemidji State University. The object of the project was to create a short public service announcement. Our class decided to use drinking and driving as our topic, however, take a new approach on it and film on the perspective of being a bystander to drinking and driving as well as how our decision to allow somebody to get behind the wheel can be a part of this impact.


Best Collaborative Film- Headwaters Film Festival 2016


This video was made for Multimedia Production class. The assignment was to find somebody who saw themselves as undateable and make a video about it for our class’s virtual magazine.

“Student Center for Health and Counseling”

This is a promotional video made by myself and three others for Bemidji State’s Student Center for Health and Counseling.